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by OpenGov Foundation

One of the biggest barriers preventing governments from embracing Open Data is the ability to produce documents in a government-ready, paper-based format. Like a PDF. Or a book. In most governments today, well-formatted XML and machine-readable text are not considered government-friendly formats.

To solve this, the OpenGov Foundation has created .gov.ify, a tool which converts machine-friendly text into Government-Ready PDFs.

The legible but closed-format documents .gov.ify churns out can be easily used for any government purpose - even printed, re-scanned and printed again to attain that extra special level of efficient government bureaucracy.

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How it works

Step 1

1. Image Conversion

First, .gov.ify reads in the source text, and converts it into an image.

Step 2

2. Noise Generation

Next .gov.ify adds a suitable amount of noise, to give that authentic scanned-in-the-1990s look.

Step 3

3. Rotation, PDF export

Last, .gov.ify rotates the image - just like first-day interns do it - and sends a PDF straight to your email inbox.